Create flexible Recruitment Workflow Processes to enable you to step Applicants through the hiring processes automatically, communicating with them seamlessly at each stage. You should be able to set-up as many different unique processes as required and be able to assign them to positions. Applicant Communication via e-mail or SMS.

Setting up a Vacancy: Once the relevant requisition process has been signed off within the e-Recruitment system, the Vacancy can be activated. Set-up an attribute profile for the Vacancy and Questionnaires, to allow auto scoring of Applicants. This way, by the time your Applicants reach the initial stage of the recruitment processes, you already have an idea of who the best fit for the position is. It’s called Virtual Interviewing. This way you can get the best talent into the interview process as quickly as possible.

Configure the Applicant Screening process you would like the Applicant to go through when applying. Would you like them to answer questions first, or submit details like certificates, licences and work experience. Different positions and industries will receive better quality applicants by defining the application process accordingly.

Where would you like to Publish the Vacancy: Jobs Sites, Intranet, Corporate website, Social Media. Do you want to use Talent Pools to invite previous applicants and other Talent Pool based applicants to apply for the Vacancy. Quickly search cover letters and CV’s based on Key Words. Get matches quickly.

Does you recruitment team know anyone in Linkedin of Facebook that may be good candidates. Allow them to use the Subscribe-HR Social Media Sharing and Referral Tracking tool. Do you want public users to be able to share Vacancies with their Linkedin Contacts and Facebook Friends? Are you going to offer referral reward incentives.

During the Processing of Applicants, you have the choice to set-up interview panels and allow the panel to score Applicants either prior to or after an interview. Integrate with best of breed Psych testing. Receive results of psych test back in the e-Recruitment system automatically. Allow managers to forward CV’s and Cover Letters of talent to other managers. Auto track Applicant sources. Justify Recruitment Spend. Write your own Graphical Reports and insert them into your Dashboard.

Allow your Applicants to create their own Self-Service facility to view the status of all their applications. If they want to Schedule an Interview time or even withdraw themselves, let them do this on-line. Saving Recruitment and HR team’s time. Send out Job alerts based on Matches to their requirements. Allow them to share vacancies with their friends in Linkedin and Facebook.

If you want to make an offer, send their Offer of Employment to them automatically and allow them to digitally accept or reject the offer.

After they have accepted. On-Board them using On-Boarding Checklists. Copy their details automatically into the HR System and Integrate this information seamlessly with Payroll.

Job Done. Can you do this now with you current e-Recruitment system? Is it Cost Effective?

Source: Subscribe-HR Blog

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