Businesses in different industries require varied facilities from their eRecruitment Software. There is a clear differentiation between large transaction requirement from Sectors like Retail, and more Structure approaches for Professional Industries. All require efficiency improvement and the ability to identify Talent Quickly in this Talent War with Skills Shortage as it is.

This presents challenges for Recruitment Software providers. How can Turn-Key Recruitment Solutions be delivered, whilst maintaining the Enterprise Strength required. This is where the true value proposition of Recruitment SaaS can be seen. Recruitment SaaS, will allow businesses to configure their Talent Management System, without the need to large scale customisation. This comes from the ability to maintain a standard framework, required to manage and capture key data sets, like Qualifications, Work Experience etc. Add to this, the ability to be able to configure CSS and change the ordering and layout of application forms and questions.

The new Generation of Recruitment software also requires that these solutions be able to dovetail into Social Media to allow for businesses to reduce recruitment costs, tap into passive candidate pools and also greatly enhance the Applicants User Experience. All at a Value for Money price, with Maximum configurability in mind.

Choice is important. Should a Business choose to set their own system up, they can. Should they wish to engage the Vendor to do so, they can also have this choice. The key point being that Vendor set up costs are greatly reduced because of the limited requirement for coding.

The innovation challenge is about adding value whilst reducing cost and complexity. Seems like a paradox. This paradox, is key to future Human Resources Software and Recruitment Software improvements.

Source: Subscribe-HR Blog

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