When Subscribe-HR was founded back in 2009, it was more than just about selling software systems to organisations that wanted to become more strategic about their business and their people. That road had been beaten by other providers. There had to be something more meaningful to this purpose.

So, the vision was about providing HR professionals with more time to do things they enjoy. Sounds like a huge task though we truly believe in this mantra. Sure, any system requires attention and time when it comes to set-up. It’s really important that this is done properly. Subscribe-HR is designed to be able to be set-up more quickly and efficiently than other systems.

Ultimately, Subscribe-HR was seen as a Conduit, to facilitate personal growth to people, as the company is ultimately positioned well, to have maximum impact, e.g. HR Manager and Employees. What better audience? A different type of Learning needs to be put in place. About how to tie together Professional and Personal Development. Making a difference to people, based on a new approach. An approach that relates to giving people the skills and confidence to be better at home and thus better at work. In fact it’s actually about 7 Areas of life. So the learning goes.

What happens when you hire people using the latest e-Recruitment Software and HRIS Software, how do you add value? True Value. Yes, you want to manage training and costs and absence etc. What if you could reduce costs and improve productivity though a wholistic approach to employee development? Imagine, if you could do this, what the flow-on effect would be?

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