Subscribe-HR is working through a major release for our e-Recruitment Software, HRIS Software Cloud. The release incorporates a brand new interface, and significant changes to our e-Recruitment Software system. The release is really focused on delivering an even more, streamlines experience for all users of Subscribe-HR. From the applicants applying for position in the e-Recruitment Software Jobs Boards, to Manager and Employee Self-Service. Subscribe-HR really wants to drive SaaS innovation and allow end-users to do more than ever before, in relation to providing more flexibility and ability to configure and scale effectively, without the reliance on expensive, cumbersome tools and resource. Subscribe-HR will enable enterprise businesses to configure their own Jobs Board, using and editor. Subscribe-HR will also provide dynamic searching and surveying capability in both the e-Recruitment environment and Employee Management Environment.

The recent release of our New Graphical Reporting tool which includes dynamic field searching, has been really well received. It’s really exciting to see the product evolve and deliver outstanding features and benefits to our current and future customers.

Source: Subscribe-HR Blog

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