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Pi (π) Talent Management: Video Snapshots - How To Automate Your Entire People Management Lifecycle

1. Video Snapshot: Integrate and Communicate Your Mission


2. Video Snapshot: Integrate and Announce Strategy Updates




3. Video Snapshot: Distribute Employee Reviews via SHaRe Surveys


4. Video Snapshot: Customise Your Employee Ratings Scales




5. Video Snapshot: Automated Participant Access to Reviews


6. Video Snapshot: Real-Time Performance Reporting




7. Video Snapshot: Build Culture With Collaborative Real-Time Feedback


8. Video Snapshot: Agile Talent Cubes and Salary Modelling




Video Snapshots - How To Automate Your Recruitment Lifecycle

1. Interview Scheduling


2. On-Boarding




3. SHaRe Surveys


4. Contract Sign-Off


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