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Experts Highlight Do’s and Don’ts for Job Candidates

Posted by Mathew French

16 July 2013

DUBAI: Three experts from the UAE companies provided useful tips to undergraduate HR students of the University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD) at a panel discussion on “HR Practices in the UAE Workplace — with special emphasis on Recruitment and Selection” held at the university.
The event was part of UOWD’s drive to continually create industry connections for the benefit of current students, with the goal of complementing theoretical learning with real world experiences.

The panellists stressed the need to identify one’s strengths and interests as a starting point to finding a job. Harshit Jain, CEO, InnoVention Solutions, commented, “Recruitment is like a dating game. Once you take a position, the reality of married life sets in. You need to have the skills and attitude necessary to fit with the role and company.”

As an example of this, Vicki Quilitorio, HR director at the Millennium Plaza Hotel, described how in the hospitality industry smiling is a requirement — an open and friendly demeanour is critical while other skills can be trained.

They also recommended tailoring the CV to the available position and personalising it for the company you are applying. The one-CV-fits-all approach should be avoided.

Tania Bothello advised, “Though you are all new to the job market, review the job description and always take with you even your classroom project work and highlight that as relevant experience.” She also described embarrassing interview pitfalls where interview candidates wanted to know which CV was submitted. She added, “Customising is great – but do keep track of which CV you have sent to which position.”

Speaking of recruitment methods, Quilitorio said e-recruitment was the ideal choice today in the hotel sector as she posts most of her vacancies on, and other websites.

Tania Bothello, finance manager at Aviatrans International, said her company uses staffing agencies.

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