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HR Tech Disruptions To Watch Out For In 2018

Posted by Mathew French

13 February 2018

In our first blog for the year we explored the HR trends that matter to your business in 2018, as illustrated by Deloitte's Human Capital Trends report. In this post, we round out the HR landscape for 2018 by exploring the top 10 disruptions HR Professionals need to be aware of, this year and beyond. The new year is always a good time to pause for a moment, reflect on HR best practice and consider the trends and potential disruptions, and then set a course for the next 12 months.

Top 10 Disruptions You Need To Know About

Technology is moving faster than individuals and organisations can keep pace with. This means that simply implementing digital HR solutions without concurrent personal and organisational transformation will not be enough to future-proof your business. Deloitte's HR tech disruptions report highlights the tech related changes that HR Professionals need to pay attention to. However, as you plan your focus for 2018 and beyond, don't forget to incorporate learning and development that will enable your employees to excel at 'being digital,' and integrate their learnings in a way that enables them to keep pace with the rate of change happening in the workplace.

  1. New focus on tools for workforce productivity: the emergence of mobile-enabled tools that resemble social networking platforms enable employees to post pictures, create groups and alerts, and are designed to facilitate team-based communication in ways email simply can’t.

  2. ERP and HCM move to the cloud as the talent market reinvents itself: Talent management is being transformed into 'team management.' These tools do not behave like traditional talent or people management solutions because functionally, they are designed with the team or group at the center. Another emerging subcategory likely to grow rapidly are gig or project-based work management systems.

  3. Continuous performance management has arrived: Leading organisations are now looking for tools that can adapt to serve employees as they move from project to project and team to team. 'Transportable' employee management solutions that make employee-manager interactions better, happier and more productive will be crucial to future success. Some of the leading tools are being designed by game designers, making them easy to use, agile, and data-driven.

  4. Explosion of feedback, pulse survey & analytics tools: To maintain a positive experience across the entire employee lifecycle, organisations will need a set of tools that facilitate continuous listening that begins with the first touchpoint pre-employment and continues after an individual leaves the organisation. This part of the market tends to overlap with employee wellbeing, creating more disruption as these solutions begin to collect data on everything from employee location to mobility and heart rate.

  5. The reinvention of learning is here: The corporate learning market is experiencing tremendous growth, and there is a need to reskill and develop employees as the impacts of technology, VR and AI unfold. Virtual and augmented reality are evolving quickly and will precipitate significant, ongoing changes in the learning and performance support markets.

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  6. Recruitment transforms: Hiring people is the most important thing companies do. Many organisations are investing more in video assessment, the fastest-growing new area of spending in talent acquisition.

  7. The wellbeing market is exploding: Today’s wellness industry has rapidly shifted its focus from accident and insurance cost reduction to continuous 'wellbeing,' with a preventative as opposed to a cure mindest. The HR technology market now contains many solutions designed to measure, monitor, and improve wellbeing at work. Vendors will bring new offerings to market, including technology platforms, self-assessments, coaching programs, biometrics, and end-to-end healthcare solutions.

  8. People analytics market has grown and matured: Data driven people analytics is now a must-have for every organisation and HR departmetn. Three critical areas to pay attention to are:

    1. Embedded analytics: The fastest-growing analytics spending area is embedded analytics - meaning analyses are available as needed without having to generate reports.

    2. AI Vendors will become intelligence providers, rather than merely analytics providers: Most major solution providers are working to deliver pattern-recognition, algorithm refinement, machine learning, and natural language processing.

    3. ONA: Organisational network analysis technology captures data from emails, feedback activities, and other sources to understand how people are communicating. It identifies workflow patterns, bottlenecks, and roles.

  9. Intelligent self-service, communications & employee experience tools: Self-service platforms of the future will enable employees to get questions answered, submit transactions, and find information, without human assistance. These emerging technologies use cognitive, conversational, intelligent systems - similar to voice-recognition software already in wide use - to simplify HR transactions.

  10. HR departments are becoming digital & innovative: Innovation is now being driven by HR functions themselves. HR departments are thinking more creatively, asking more questions, and pushing vendors to adapt to new management models by demanding solutions that are more team-centric, intelligent, and easy to use.

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