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Workplace Wellness Festival 2021: Virtual Workplace Health & Wellness Conference

Posted by Mathew French

15 June 2021

If there's one topic that's hotter and more relevant than ever after 2020, it is employee wellbeing and workplace health and wellness. Especially given that many people are now working from home and the boundary between work and non-work is even more blurred than it was before. What should HR Professionals be focusing on to cultivate workplace wellness? We're sponsoring this year's Workplace Wellness Festival because we know it matters, and we're confident that the virtual event covers everything you need to know about orienting the employee experience towards wellness, no matter where they work from. Read on to find out more.

Why The Workplace Wellness Festival?

The Workplace Wellness Festival has established itself as Australia’s biggest online festival of all things workplace health and wellness. Now into its third year, no other event matches this festival's profile, breadth of content, and sheer audience size.

This year's Workplace Wellness Festival brings together over 100 expert speakers from Australia (and overseas), as well as the industry’s top vendors, and thousands of business professionals – all delivered virtually via their state-of-the-art platform!

Held online over two days (June 22 and 23), the event features 8+ conference tracks that allow attendees to take a big-picture or deep-dive into key topics of interest across the multiple conference tracks.


Virtual Workplace Wellness 2021: What to Expect

After the year that was 2020, workplace health and wellness is centre stage as organisations struggle to come to terms with the new ways in which work is being done - which is in offices, lounge rooms, kitchens, garages, and other locations across the globe. The employee experience and the employer-employee relationship have changed dramatically in the last twelve months and navigating this new dynamic may well take years to find an equilibrium. The Workplace Wellness Festival aims to equip HR Professionals and business leaders with the knowledge, tools, and support needed to transform the workplace in a way that enables employees to thrive, no matter what the circumstances. This is particularly important for organisations managing a distributed, remote workforce.

This year's virtual festival of workplace health & wellness offers the following tracks across two days next Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd June:

  1. Health, Safety & Medical.

  2. Culture, meaning & purpose.

  3. Financial wellness.

  4. Solutions.

  5. Mental wellbeing.

  6. Employee engagement.

  7. Leadership.

Topics covered in these tracks will include important and emerging issues such as:

  • How to drive large-scale culture change around mental health in the workplace.

  • Video conferencing: its effect on wellbeing.

  • How to pilot health and wellness initiatives.

  • Gender inequality at work.

  • What to do about burnout, exhaustion, and disengagement?

  • How the employee relationship has changed forever.

  • Nutrition: The missing piece of the corporate puzzle.

  • Healthy buildings and the workplace.

  • Beyond compliance: Is values-based leadership the key to addressing workplace bullying and sexual harassment.

Set The Right Foundation For Wellness in your Workplace

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