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Key Elements of Great e-Recruitment Software

Posted by Mathew French

15 August 2012

There are a number of key elements that make good e-Recruitment Software: The end user experience is a key differentiator between ok e-recruitment software and great e-recruitment software.

1. Fast. E-Recruitment System must be fast. Pages must load rapidly to ensure applicants to not waste time in submitting their details.

2. Easy on-boarding of information from applicants. E-Recruitment software must capture key applicant details quickly within the first few steps of the process. Making sure Applicant Effort is minimal. You want to be able to build talent pools so this element is critical.

3. Flexibility. If you want to incorporate questionnaires, you should be able to do this without any restrictions for some positions will be high volume vacancies and therefore you want to be able to position questionnaires in the relevant stages of the recruitment process.

4. Smart Phone Technology. Allow users to search for Jobs from mobile devices. Key element of on-boarding applicants into your e-Recruitment Software.

5. Social Media. Direct links into social media for job Sharing and Tracking.

6. Apply with Linkedin. Reduce the amount of time the applicants spend on keying data into your e-Recruitment Software. Reduced Key Strokes is really important.

7. Analysis. Linking into Psych Testing. Seamless linking using API integration. Seamless end user experience.

8. Good Communication. API integration into any other HRIS Software. Send of Data Seamlessly into other business systems.

Recruiters need to be able to access this key Applicant Data in an intelligent format to allow them to get the best Applicants into the interview processes as quickly as possible. Dynamic Data Mining is important to enable recruiters to easily sort through applicant data based on key requirements.

Access to CV’s is also another key element for back-end users. Being able to print out CV’s in a bulk fashion, to facilitate the recruitment process, improving the customer service provided to Applicants.

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