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The Rise of Social Recruitment

Posted by Mathew French on 13 May 2014

Here at Subscribe-HR we believe in sharing the love. That’s why we recently joined forces with the knowledgeable and super helpful team at Software Advice to create a blog for you based in their annual research into Social Recruitment.

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Unlocking the Secret to Reaching Passive Job Seekers

Posted by Mathew French on 10 March 2014

83% of fully employed LinkedIn users are passive job seekers, according to a recent LinkedIn research. That’s over 186 million LinkedIn users who are not actively searching for a job.

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Four Steps to Great Social Recruitment Results in Australia

Posted by Mathew French on 21 February 2014

2013 was expected to be the year of social recruitment and from the numbers out there, that’s absolutely true. An international survey of over 120,000 employees in 31 countries conducted by Kelly Global Workforce Index (KGWI) late last year showed that Australia’s usage of social recruitment has reached an all-time high – with 38% of employees having been contacted about a potential job opportunity via a social network. Even better, 14% of employees were able to secure a new job opportunity through social media.

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5 Ways To Leverage Social Media For Recruitment Managers

Posted by Mathew French on 23 November 2013

The recruitment industry has transformed significantly in the past few years and with so many businesses in the social space, the war for talent is even fiercer. It is therefore essential that HR Managers leverage social networks effectively to keep up with the competition. Here we detail the top 4 ways social media has changed recruitment, and the top 5 ways recruitment managers can leverage this.

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Key Elements of Great e-Recruitment Software

Posted by Mathew French on 15 August 2012

There are a number of key elements that make good e-Recruitment Software: The end user experience is a key differentiator between ok e-recruitment software and great e-recruitment software.

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Latest e-Recruitment Software, HRIS Software News

Posted by Mathew French on 14 August 2012

There has been a lot move in the e-Recruitment Software Innovation space. The latest is in the area of Smart Phone Recruitment. Smart phones are seen as the latest tool to improve the communication with applicants, allowing them to discretely take a look at what is out there in a private, relaxed environment. This reduces the need to look for jobs whilst at work. The actual application takes place from a PC of Laptop, or iPad. So it is becoming more and more important to have a careers site that is capable of being used effectively from a mobile device.

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