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Posted by Mathew French

14 August 2012

There has been a lot move in the e-Recruitment Software Innovation space. The latest is in the area of Smart Phone Recruitment. Smart phones are seen as the latest tool to improve the communication with applicants, allowing them to discretely take a look at what is out there in a private, relaxed environment. This reduces the need to look for jobs whilst at work. The actual application takes place from a PC of Laptop, or iPad. So it is becoming more and more important to have a careers site that is capable of being used effectively from a mobile device.

Another interesting development in the area of e-Recruitment Software, Talent Management Software and HRIS Software is that it is now seem as Technology best practise to purchase specialist Talent Management Solutions to develop and retain top talent. It is far more effectively done now, as Saas (Software-as-a-Service) enable integration in an effective and dynamic manner. This means that specialist HR Software, and HR Solutions can be chosen then plugged together to form an end-to-end HR Software system. So now we see increased pressure of older HRIS software that tries to package everything in to one system. There is limited specialisation in these systems, as they primarily deal with Payroll. Payroll Software, pays people. Most of these systems do this very well, though they fall very short in the areas of e-Recruitment Software, Social Media Recruitment, Smart Phone Integration, Talent Management Software, Workforce Management and T&A.

It is extremely important that business include a detailed specification requirement when selecting vendors, to ensure that the selected system has excellent future proof in the area of integration. No longer is it really adequate to have a system that can only communicate using CSV. It has to be a mandatory requirement that business systems, have specific API’s to facilitate effective integration between all HRIS Software, e-Recruitment Software and Talent Management Software Systems.

When selecting your next system, for people management, IT Professionals want to be leading the way in terms of the overall IT Strategy that the business is following. Purchasing best-in-class systems, hosting them externally and ensuring that they can effectively communicate with one another is a fundamental strategy which a large amount of SME’s and Enterprises are embracing due to cost saving, and the competitive advantage they offer. Data privacy is important, and it is ket to check to see where your providers are hosting their SaaS systems. Due to data privacy issues, Australian Businesses are more often than not, better off looking for Australian HR SaaS providers that host our of Australia. There are complexities with using USA based Companies as their Patriot Act is too limiting and ambiguous. Sending data across borders is an area of Data Privacy that can be very complex and needs to be look at in detail. Particularly when sending from EU and USA – to and From and other country. Safe Harbour Exists between the USA and EU, though this does not cover Australian Data Privacy Standards, which we may add, are being looked at, at the moment, in an attempt to make them meet this Safe Harbour Standard.

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