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MYOB HR Software for Payroll Software

Posted by Mathew French

24 March 2011

MYOB does have HR Software options with EXONET though people we speak to say Subscribe-HR is a more desireable, best of breed option. There are many MYOB Customers with between 50 – 140 Employees that struggle with Reporting, HR Management, Self Service and Recruitment.

We have save many of the customers the pain and cost of getting new Payroll Systems like CHRIS21 HR Software and MICROPAY HR Software. Usually, any businesses larger that this will have no choice but in this range, there is a solution. Subscribe-HR has developed an integration component that allows for data to be sent back and forth between Subscribe-HR and MYOB Premier Payroll.

This facilitates the Automation of Processes like leave request, Timesheet Authorisation and so on. Subscribe-HR brings to MYOB users the ability to manage a whole range of HR and Recruitment, information and processes. Now MYOB users can integrate with Seek, MyCareer and CareerOne.

They can use Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter to access and communicate with passive candidate pools. All paid for based on the size of the business and the modules used. Subscribe-HR even offers try before you buy. This enterprise solution also allows users the ability to customise the application. Without the need for any programming Skills. The Subscribe-HR Enterprise Architect, Alex Agafonov has done an amazing job with the platform, to allow users tp use enterprise tools with the simplicity of Internet Banking.

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