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Posted by Mathew French

11 March 2011

The digital age has created an abundance of new avenues for HR professionals to increase productivity, and competitive advantage and it has also created a number of new challenges. With the change in the Social landscape, has come the need for Human Resource professionals to embrace a new range of skills and also the need to think outside the square. A blend of Traditional and new ways of managing people is required to ensure that they keep themselves in the now and move their business forward.

These changes have also put pressure on HR System providers to provide the tools need to support the modern day HR Professional. With the skills shortage not getting any better, businesses need alternative means to access and attract Talent. Jobs boards have been the standard way of doing this in the past, but now, there is a real need for tapping into passive candidate pools. Social media provides this avenue.

There are now tools available to allow HR Managers to link directly with Social Media like Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter and directly invite these users, to apply for open positions. These people may be currently employed, though they also may be open to other possibilities. New Social Media Recruitment Tools, allow for all referrals to be tracked automatically.

The way in which Employers attract new talent through social media is the most significant change in the HR landscape in the past decade. The challenge moving forward is going to be related to understanding the demographics of Social, and devising strategies to attract the best and also keep your best people. Employer Branding is going to be critical.

If Software providers and their customers work together in a collaborative manner, there are some very exiting rewarding opportunities that will develop.

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