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Subscribe-HR Integration Capability. Amazing.

Posted by Mathew French

3 March 2011

Subscribe-HR can integrate with any system that is willing and able to play fairly. Systems that we have integrated with include:,,, Google, MYOB (MYOB Premier Payroll), CHRIS21 (CHRIS21 HR and CHRIS21 Payroll), Attache, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Six Figures and many more.

Our Customers use many different types of Jobs Boards, Payroll Systems, Practice Management Systems, Social Media Tools and Collaboration. Mostly we see payroll systems such as Micropay, Aurion, Neller (Preceda), Frontier Software, SuccessFactors, Plateau,, Pageup People, Taleo. They pay people very well but their HR, Recruitment and Flexibility is not sound enough to be of really value and future proof to most SME’s and enterprises.

We are seeing a lot of companies choosing Outsourced Payroll Services like ADP, Aussiepay, Paylink and Talent2. They key for us is to be open in terms of our ability to communicate and willing to do the best Job for our customers to deliver what they need for their business to perform and prosper. We do this by utilising the latest web service technology (SOAP and REST XML Standards) and middleware.

What we would like to create is an eco system of apps that businesses can use to specifically assist the part of the business that systems have been designed for… Accounting, HR, Payroll, Recruitment, CRM, Collaboration, AD, Cloud Stacks etc. Most SaaS vendors a great when it comes to integration, on-premise providers are a little behind in this respect. Mostly because their architecture is outdated and cumbersome.

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