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Posted by Mathew French

6 August 2011

Is there a sensational software product out there. Fantastic, in comparison to others. As far as software goes, it’s pretty difficult to be seen as a Fantastic system, particularly when most systems are not to be seen. Locked away behind closed doors, only let out when there is a controlled environment. Only used by back office. Does this mean you have to remain average?

To be brave enough to allow the general public to take a look at your system at any time, is a pretty fantastic thing to do. Especially when you hear so many stories about companies (People) buying systems based on promises and only a look see. To provide transparency, so people can really make the decision them selves. Without a lot of smoke and mirrors. This was our challenge.

To be able to do this, you need to be quite passionate about improvement. About trying to make things a lot easier for the buyer. There are only good intentions that drive this philosophy. What else could there be. Because if you get it wrong, you are sunk as a provider, from the start.

Coming back to the analogy of buying a car. There is no-way, you would ever purchase a car without a test run. Without jumping behind the drivers’ seat, starting the engine, using the accelerator, brakes, windscreen wipers, horn and so on. This is a very basic need that purchasers demand, when spending their hard earned on a product. Simple really.

What we have tried our best to do is put this power back into the hands of the purchaser, so they can help themselves in making a decision about which Recruitment Software System, HR Software System, HRIS to choose. What an amazing result. So much positive feedback, so many new customers. Huge amounts of free trials. So many referrals and a huge viral reach.

When you listen to the customer and see what is wrong in a market and you decide to build a business around this. You can’t go wrong. People really appreciate this. It is sensational, it is fabulous and it is very, very refreshing. Results don’t lie.

The internet as totally change the business landscape, and it was a logical progression for Subscribe-HR to follow suit and deliver the best in HR Software and Recruitment software, as a service.

Take a free trial and decide for yourself. Use the SaaS litmus test on your provider.

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