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Subscribe-HR Now Integrated With Indeed, The World's #1 Job Site

Posted by Mathew French on 16 April 2015

Subscribe-HR is pleased to announce its latest integration partner : Indeed, the World's number 1 Job site. The addition of Indeed to our growing list of integrated platforms and applications, means more ways that HR Professionals can create better work, better workplaces and a better world. By enabling HR Professionals to do less of what they don't like, and more of what they love - like making a difference to their employees and sourcing / retaining top tier talent, Subscribe-HR's HR Software gives HR Professionals more options than ever to excel, to lead and make the lives of employees everywhere, better, happier and more productive.

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Core-HR ROI: Manual Versus Automated

Posted by Mathew French on 5 February 2015

Managing the procedures and processes required during the entire lifecycle of each and every employee is quite a complicated process, especially in Australia due to the legal and regulatory requirements.

Despite the availability of cost effective solutions like Cloud, SaaS Human Resource Management Software, many organisations, including those with 1000+ employees, still use Excel spreadsheets to complete the majority of their Core-HR requirements.

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e-Recruitment Software on-boarding to HRIS Software

Posted by Mathew French on 21 March 2012

An important part of success HR and Recruitment data management is to ensure that information captured in the recruitment process can easily be shared with a HRIS Software system.

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Social Media Analysis for HR. Linkedin Overview

Posted by Mathew French on 3 March 2012 – Search Google Insights and also Google Ad Planner. Australia Only.

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Guided Meditation for HR Professionals. Recommended by Subscribe-HR, Recruitment Software and HR Software Without the Headaches.

Posted by Mathew French on 24 August 2011

90 Second Meditiation for busy People, including HR Professionals.

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Topics: Guided Meditation, Recruitment Software, HR Professionals

Sensational, Fabulous, Subscribe-HR Software as a Service. You Decide.

Posted by Mathew French on 6 August 2011

Is there a sensational software product out there. Fantastic, in comparison to others. As far as software goes, it’s pretty difficult to be seen as a Fantastic system, particularly when most systems are not to be seen. Locked away behind closed doors, only let out when there is a controlled environment. Only used by back office. Does this mean you have to remain average?

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Recruitment Software and Jobs Boards. To Link Out or Not to Link out??? There is no question.

Posted by Mathew French on 15 July 2011

Interesting conversation about Job Boards, Applicant Quality/Numbers and Applicant Tracking Systems. The core of this conversation is about what the drop off is when you provide a link out from a Jobs Board to a third party Recruitment Software system. There were some numbers that showed there was a drop-off in applicant numbers if there is a link out to a Third Party eRecruitment System rather than allowing the applicant to apply directly into the Job Board. There seems to be some sort of relationship between a longer application process and this drop-off. There is definitely more chance of someone flicking a CV for as many jobs as possible if it is made easy to do. There has been a history of HR managers being lumbered with the process of sorting through hundreds of CV’s Manually. “What a headache” they would say. Without the Facilities to auto communicate with Applicants, Intelligently scoring them, sort them into Talent Poolings there is really little to no value proposition in CV flicking. So therefore, a clear decision needs about what a Talent Manager, HR Manager or Recruitment Consultant needs. We think there is a clear distinction between the requirements of a Recruitment Agency and an Internal Professional Recruiter.

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Subscribe-HR Overview. New Gen HR Software and Recruitment Software

Posted by Mathew French on 16 April 2011

Subscribe-HR was founded in 2007 and has thousands of users Nationally and Internationally. We are privately owned and financed and invest up to 30% of our profits back into the development of our system.

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