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Beware of iPhones and Next Gen HRIS. It’s Lipstick.

Posted by Mathew French on 4 March 2011

Now, it has come to our attention that there is a misconception that if you put an iphone in your marketing, with a spaceman in the background, that somehow, it is next gen. A little difficult to understand particularly considering that an iPhone won’t really work with a computer system that is hosted in-house/on-premise.

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Build Your Own Recruitment Software and HR Software System.

Posted by Mathew French on 1 March 2011

I know this may sound like a lot of smoke and mirrors, but the honest truth is, you can actully use HR SaaS (HRIS) to build your own Talent Management Solution. The ability to extend sing front-end, normal end users orientated tools is just amazing. The way in which techology has evolved is just a breath of fresh air. Most HR Professionals out there have probably been tarnished by less that ideal experiences when is comes to recruitment software, hr software and payroll software systems. We are doing our best to change the game. Try before you buy, configure yourself, easy of set-up, lower cost, pay-by-the-month. All these areas are re-shaping the space. You can now subscribe to a system, try it out, ask the questions you need, use a set-up service or set-up yourself. No internal IT footprint, yet quality, reliability and highly secure. Let’s look at buying a car for example, there is no way, you would spend 40K-100K on a car without touching, feeling using, before you made the purchase. Why should Software be any different.
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HR Software just The Beginning.

Posted by Mathew French on 24 February 2011

Now that saas has emerged as the next frontier of HR Software, HR professionals are becoming more ethusiatic about innovation, and rightly so. For many years, HR professionals have been shown the same old features and benefits, over and over again. Promised the world and shown little in terms of what was promised. There is no doubt that which ever provider is clever enough to come up with a seamless offering that provides e-recruitment, e-HR (HR Software) and Payroll (Software or Service), will be the leader of the pack. THis offering really just needs to provide a reliable, sleamless data sharing capability. We really think that in the next 7 years, most payrolls will be outsourced to enable businesses to be far more nimble. To focus on how they themselves can create competitive advantage. Recruitment Software seems to be a big focus for SME’s. Recruitment Software with a direct alignment to Performance Management which I might add, needs to be kept simple and usable. Easy to execute and understandable.

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New Subscribe-HR Programming Language Extended.

Posted by Mathew French on 23 February 2011

We have developed our own programming Language language to allow internal IT resource to program in and extend Subscribe-HR. The programming language allows forms and information to be generated automatically meaning that there is even lees admin for HR Managers. This is really a new frontier for HR Software and Payroll Software. It is the most advanced aspect of any Talent Management Solution Platform. How about that. A systems that know what to do and when to do it. All done automatically for you. We are actually planning on publishing a book to allow IT resources to learn the Subscribe-HR Snippet Language. This feature is basically an Internal API.

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HR Software as a Service. Welcome change in HR Software.

Posted by Mathew French on 11 June 2010

Over the past 7 – 8 years, the HR and Payroll Software Market has progressed through what you would call a basic maturity life-cycle. Back at the start of this cycle, vendors attempted to create value in the market by offering what was perceived as “Market need and demand”. It is true that the target audience of any market defines what is offered by suppliers. In the Australian HR and Payroll Software market, payroll took the lead and most of the providers that existed back then were born as payroll systems. As the cycle progressed and matured, these providers started to tack on token HR components to appease clients and prospects whom themselves were under pressure to make payroll decisions by the finance department. Decisions that did not present any real value to Recruitment and HR. As we stand today, the market has been noticeably fragmented and there now exists 2-3 clear and distinct waves.

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HR and Recruitment Managers Struggling, Stressed and Over Worked.

Posted by Mathew French on 11 May 2010

If you a HR Manager that is struggling with and are burdened with endless amounts of administration, you are not alone. We speak with people managers every day that are trying the make the best of paper based systems or are trying to drive HR through a Payroll system. Like it or not, Recruitment and HR processes and practices are very very different from paying people and delivering payslips. I don’t mean to over simplify payroll, a good payroll system or process is extremely important but it has it place. All to often are payroll solutions bent and folder in ways they aren’t designed for. Australia has a plethora of Payroll Providers: MicrOpay, Neller, Aurion, Empower.

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