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Subscribe-HR Overview. New Gen HR Software and Recruitment Software

Posted by Mathew French

16 April 2011

Subscribe-HR was founded in 2007 and has thousands of users Nationally and Internationally. We are privately owned and financed and invest up to 30% of our profits back into the development of our system.

Subscribe-HR is the latest in e-Recruitment and e-HR technology, which is designed specifically for Australian HR professionals managing Mid-Sized Enterprises. Subscribe-HR is on-demand (Software-as-a-Service), meaning it can be accessed instantly over the internet, with any web browser. The system has specific enterprise capabilities include: Multi-Language, Multi-Currency, Multi-Timezone and Enterprise Workflow.

The pricing model of Subscribe-HR is pay-by-the month, based on the size of your business and the modules you wish to access. This allows businesses to easily scale forward and back, easily accommodating business changes and requirements. There are no lock-in contracts therefore, Subscribe-HR always needs to keep our system innovative and our service responsive and professionals.

The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Model means that there are no Complexities and Headaches associated with the purchase, set-up, configuration and on-going support of SaaS systems. No Capex is required to purchase licences. There are not additional servers required to host software. Configuration is simple, because most set-up can be done through the interface without the need for developers. There are no additional strains on internal IT resources and no conflicts involved with other IT Infrastructure. Therefore, your business can focus on core business and a rapid ROI can be achieved because of the reduced Total Cost of Ownership.

Previously, HR professionals have had to rely on Payroll systems, that are not specifically designed to offer these professionals the tools required to reduce Administration time and Increase strategic focus. Now, with Subscribe-HR, payroll systems can be enhanced by the utilisation of the next generation of HR Software which can easily integrate with Payroll. Subscribe-HR integrates with Payroll Software (ODBC Compliant MS SQL) using middleware which allows data to be sent and received from Subscribe-HR. This capability provides freedom to People managers and allows them to focus on Talent Management, Risk Management, Automation, Performance and much more. End users are Empowered with Subscribe-HR in areas such as:

Sample Key Features and Benefits

  • Recruitment Requisitions – Automatically use Subscribe-HR to route Vacancy Requests, to receive automatic Sign-off or Rejections. Create Work Load Transparency of Workflows using the Subscribe-HR WIP (Workflow in Progress). Greatly reduce administration and increase compliance
  • Talent Management and Talent Pools – Pro-actively gather and manage Talent for future reference. Greatly reduce Recruitment Costs and increase business performance.
  • Social Media Recruitment – Instantly allow HR, Employees and the Public, to share Vacancies with their Linkedin Contacts and Twitter, to passively attract Talent to your business – Save on Recruitment Costs and Time to hire.
  • Job Board Notification – Seamlessly integrate into Seek, MyCareer and CareerOne, reducing your time to market and administration time.
  • Applicant Virtual Interview and Scoring – Instantly see which candidates should be recruited based on Auto Scoring. Hire the best quickly and become more productive and profitable.
  • On-Boarding – Manage new Starters in a Professional, Effective manner by sending checklists to people in charge of New Starter Tasks e.g. Employees (Welcome Videos) Finance, IT, HR, Facilities Management. Reduce Administration, increase productivity and Improve Retention.
  • Graphical Reporting – Easily Report from Subscribe-HR in a clear, graphical manner using our very own Graphical Report Writer. Make better decisions by having access to good data, at the click of a button. Place Reports into your Dashboard increase the visibility of your workforce.
  • Workflow – Seamlessly send notifications and workflow tasks organisation wide without any manual intervention. Reduce risk and improve productivity. Send Reports automatically to users when required e.g. Management Reports.
  • Self-Service – Devolved Responsibility using easily Configurable Self-Service. Allow Employees, Managers and Executives to access relevant information quickly and effectively. Reduce burden on HR and increase efficiency. Allow Employees to Suggest Roster/Working times that are suitable to reduce current workload. Allow Employees to access Subscribe-HR through web Kiosks.
  • Development / Configuration – Save Tens of Thousands of dollars by using the Subscribe-HR development tool for set-up and configuration. No programming required. Configure up to 60% of the Subscribe-HR Application. Configure workflow, User Groups and Reports easily. No Developers required.
  • Training and Performance – Manage Performance Management / Appraisal On-line, store and report on Top Performers automatically. Manage Training Requests and Training costs automatically using Training Request / Authorisation Workflow. Increase Productivity and Retention. 
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