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On-Boarding and Self-Service ROI: Manual Versus Automated

Posted by Mathew French on 3 February 2015

There are many items on the checklist of an HR Professional when welcoming a new starter to your organisation. The way new employees are treated during their On-Boarding also sets the tone for their entire lifecycle, so making the process as smooth and simple as possible really makes a difference.

Ensuring that you have all the necessary paperwork in place when carrying out this procedure manually can be a challenge that leaves you open to mistakes with important documentation being missed.

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Key Concerns for HR Managers in an Organisational Restructure

Posted by Mathew French on 17 April 2014

Organisational restructuring is a common occurrence in the current economic conditions. It can happen for many reasons – new business acquisitions, low business performance, market conditions or simply to stay relevant, to name a few. Regardless of the cause of restructures, the process of restructuring is complex, and can make or break a company. In this week's HR Blog, we examine restructure from an HR best practice perspective in an effort to understand the key concerns for HR managers.

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Subscribe-HR Overview. New Gen HR Software and Recruitment Software

Posted by Mathew French on 16 April 2011

Subscribe-HR was founded in 2007 and has thousands of users Nationally and Internationally. We are privately owned and financed and invest up to 30% of our profits back into the development of our system.

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Payroll Integration Simple for HR Software

Posted by Mathew French on 6 April 2011

Payroll integration is quite simple. Particularly if the Payroll database is ODBC Compliant. Most of the leading Payroll Systems are ODBC Compliant and reside on either Oracle or MS SQL Databases.

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Subscribe-HR 2.7.2 is here! Social media referrals tracking.

Posted by Mathew French on 5 March 2011

We are pleased to announce that the latest version of Subscribe-HR platform has now been released. Users and applicants will now be able to create and track referrals via Linkedin and Twitter.

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