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The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Payroll

Posted by Mathew French on 14 September 2017

Processing Payroll manually and doing it in-house can be a time-consuming process. Outsourcing your Payroll to an organisation with Payroll expertise can liberate your staff to focus on more important value-added and revenue-generating activities. Many businesses now harness the benefits of external experts to process their Payroll, bringing significant benefit to internal efficiencies and the bottom-line.

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The Hybrid mix of Tech and BPO. Payroll Outsourcing.

Posted by Mathew French on 12 March 2011

Over the past few years it has been really interesting to watch the trends that have occured in the areas of HR Software, Recruitment Software, Payroll Software pre and post the Global Financial crisis. The global financial crisis has really focused peoples attention in the areas of Core Business and Non Core Business.

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Recruitment Agency Component Add-on. BPO Next.

Posted by Mathew French on 1 March 2011

We have just released a Recruitment Agency Component Add-on to our e-Recruitment System. We see Contract Labor Hire as beeing a huge growth area in the next few years. Businesses are really looking for solutions that allow them to remain agile and dynamic and outsourcing of non-core business functions makes sense. The next big area of BPO will be Payroll. More and more business leaders are seeing payroll as a function that causes too many internal issues, so why not let the experts do it for you (ADP Payroll Outsourcing). The challenge for BPO orgs is to improve their ability to offer end user orientated solutions, so when the process is moved aside, the customer still have a really hands on view/access to all they need to including data and workflow. Usability is key.
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