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What's Your HR Technology Strategy?

Posted by Mathew French on 3 November 2020

It's no secret that your #HRtech will do more for you if you've got a strategy in place to ensure your business can take full advantage of it. A good strategy, coupled with the right HR software, can result in an average 15% benefit to your bottom line. So why is it that so many organisations got caught out this year without one (or both) of these necessities in place? In this week's HR Blog we explore the importance of HR technology strategy and give you a framework for getting yours in place.

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Cutting Costs and Driving Efficiency With #HRtech

Posted by Mathew French on 6 October 2020

Business as usual right now is all about cutting costs and driving efficiency. If you were one of the many organisations that got caught out this year because you hadn't started your digital transformation, then how do you ensure that you have the right tech in place to run your entire business remotely (and indefinitely) if needed? How do you embark on a digital transformation as well as cutting costs and driving efficiency? HR Professionals and business leaders across the globe are turning to ‘low to no code’ cloud solutions that ensure access to valuable data from anywhere at any time. This is essential when your workforce is working virtually and customer expectations are high. In this week's HR Blog, we explore the benefits of low to no code #HRtech and how such solutions can help you do more with less (and do it better) in a shorter amount of time.

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