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The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Payroll

Posted by Mathew French

14 September 2017

Processing Payroll manually and doing it in-house can be a time-consuming process. Outsourcing your Payroll to an organisation with Payroll expertise can liberate your staff to focus on more important value-added and revenue-generating activities. Many businesses now harness the benefits of external experts to process their Payroll, bringing significant benefit to internal efficiencies and the bottom-line.

Alleviate Processing Pain

Manual payroll processing is a headache at best and can be an absolute nightmare at best. Organisations that outsource their Payroll can eliminate a source of pain that consumes a considerable amount of time and resources.

Liberate The Time of Your HR Team

Payroll processing internally is a time-consuming process. Outsourcing payroll canliberate your employees to focus on more important value-added and revenue-generating activities. Inc. magazine recently identified the #1 task for small business to outsource is payroll, along with most accounting tasks.

Avoid Technology Headaches

A consistent conundrum for small and medium organisations is whether you have the latest version of payroll software and the most recent tax regulations are included. Not having access to the most up to date regulatory information with your Payroll processing software can result in stiff penalties. Outsourcing Payroll alleviates this type of risk and ensures that you're always compliant.


Leverage Payroll Expertise

Most business owners and financial leaders don't have time to keep up with constantly changing regulations, tax rates, and government requirements. By outsourcing your Payroll function, small and medium sized organisations can take advantage of expertise that was previously available only to business at the big end of town.

Avoid Payroll Knowledge Walking Out the Door

If your bookkeeper or Payroll employee leaves, they will walk out the door with their knowledge of your Payroll process and other essential knowledge. Using an outside service eliminates that business risk. 

If you'd like to discover more about how Payroll Outsourcing can benefit your organisation, we've created a free White Paper.

Your Payroll Outsourcing White Paper

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