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HR and Recruitment Managers Struggling, Stressed and Over Worked.

Posted by Mathew French

11 May 2010

If you a HR Manager that is struggling with and are burdened with endless amounts of administration, you are not alone. We speak with people managers every day that are trying the make the best of paper based systems or are trying to drive HR through a Payroll system. Like it or not, Recruitment and HR processes and practices are very very different from paying people and delivering payslips. I don’t mean to over simplify payroll, a good payroll system or process is extremely important but it has it place. All to often are payroll solutions bent and folder in ways they aren’t designed for. Australia has a plethora of Payroll Providers: MicrOpay, Neller, Aurion, Empower.

The truth of the matter is, HR professionals have not really had many other options. This because of complexity, cost and an imbalanced payroll focus. The divide is clear: Payroll – Calculations, Super, Deducations, Allowance, Awards (T&A), FBT Cals, Net and Gross, Salary Sacrifice etc. HR and Recruitment: Automated Jobs Board Posting (Seek, MyCareer, CareerOne), Automated Applicant Data Capture (Careers Portal) and Scoring, Automated Applicant Notifications, CV Searching, Integrated Task Management Tracking, Employee On-Boarding, Graphical Reporting, Proper Flexible HR Self Service that delivers filtered views without backend database work. For HR and Recruitment managers to be afforded these tools, systems need to be cost effective, powerful, flexible and easy to use.

If you talk to busy HR Managers, there are some consistent messages. Too Much Admin, Too Many Manuals Processes, No Reporting, No Flexibility, My Spreadsheets take so much time to manage by the time I am finished, the information is nearly out of date. Let’s spare a thought for these people. You can see why they are pulling their hair out. It’s about creating value. Not so much about adding value. Let’s get to point a and b before proceeding to c. For those companies that are adding value, keep and eye and ear out for the changing face of HR Software and Recruitment Software delivery.

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