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Recruitment Software and Jobs Boards. To Link Out or Not to Link out??? There is no question.

Posted by Mathew French

15 July 2011

Interesting conversation about Job Boards, Applicant Quality/Numbers and Applicant Tracking Systems. The core of this conversation is about what the drop off is when you provide a link out from a Jobs Board to a third party Recruitment Software system. There were some numbers that showed there was a drop-off in applicant numbers if there is a link out to a Third Party eRecruitment System rather than allowing the applicant to apply directly into the Job Board. There seems to be some sort of relationship between a longer application process and this drop-off. There is definitely more chance of someone flicking a CV for as many jobs as possible if it is made easy to do. There has been a history of HR managers being lumbered with the process of sorting through hundreds of CV’s Manually. “What a headache” they would say. Without the Facilities to auto communicate with Applicants, Intelligently scoring them, sort them into Talent Poolings there is really little to no value proposition in CV flicking. So therefore, a clear decision needs about what a Talent Manager, HR Manager or Recruitment Consultant needs. We think there is a clear distinction between the requirements of a Recruitment Agency and an Internal Professional Recruiter.

Agencies it seems, like to get as many CV’s as possible, as most agencies (forgive the ignorance) run a numbers game (At the mid to Lower Levels). It is true that executive positions, sometimes require a shorter process, due to current applicant employment and time restrictions.

There is conflict between having to sort through loads of CV’s (If you are getting more because of the familiarity of the application through a Job Board) and potentially getting less due to linking away from a Jobs Board. Now, a Recruiter will spend more time sorting manually through CV’s and won’t have enough time to get to the best, where as if they are presented with the Top Candidates based on some sort of intelligent searching, filtering and ordering, they must be in front. Now, there is definitely room in this view for some sort of video facility where by you can watch a short overview of the candidate to get more of an idea of attitude and personality, which you can’t pick up in a CV or in an Applicant Tracking System (As Standard).

The truth is that most internal recruiters want less quality and more quality, and will use Forms and Questions in an Applicant Tracking system to shortlist automatically.

It is in the commercial interest of a Jobs Board to Protect their business model and not have users leave their site. This point of view does not assist the advertiser. Aggregation and Sharing does, and after all, they are the ones paying the money for the service.

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