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HR Software Case Study: Cloud HR Software Success Story

Posted by Mathew French

9 May 2017

Business is changing, and your HR and recruitment should be at the forefront of this change. If your business is still reliant on paper-based systems, and many man-hours of administration, then you have a lot of options for improvement. But despite what your gut might tell you, change can be both quick and painless. Take Premier Technologies for example. An Australian owned and operated Cloud IT Contact Centre Provider, they would be classed as a medium sized business with 60 full-time employees. Premier Technologies wanted their HR, Processes and Systems updated, and Subscribe-HR's People Management Cloud Software was used to do this. From Talent sourcing to Employee Onboarding and Payroll integration.

Ask yourself the following questions. If you answer yes to the majority of these, then like Premier Technologies, you could benefit from upgrading your systems and reaping positive change as they did.

  • Do you make profit or gain reputation by delivering projects on budget and on time?
  • Is your business about problem solving or highly skilled management?
  • Do you need to know instantly what skill requirements are needed for projects?
  • Would you like to speed up the employee onboarding process?
  • Are you worried about losing out on the best talent for your company?
  • Do your customers need a highly secure service?

Reducing Administration

The average business spends many hours on admin tasks. Looking for the right files and folders, searching for the email they vaguely remember having the right information in, dealing with clients and staff management, it all adds up. And the right software can reduce this time to negligible.

Take a few of the most common admin tasks for example. Employee Onboarding Software can improve productivity and reduce HR Administration costs.

Looking for Data

Using Core-HR software, all of your information is centralized and stored in one shared place. Updated in real-time, and shared with your colleagues automatically, every employee has access to the same and accurate information, immediately at their fingertips. For a company like Premier Technologies, this meant they can make decisions more collaboratively and efficiently now, with shared reports and data. Responsibility for managing tasks and workflows can be devolved seamlessly, without the common fear that the important information is held locked in one person’s desk or even their mind.

Employee Onboarding

Welcoming and integrating new staff can be exciting. It signals growth and change, and a positive new direction for both employee and business. But there’s also a lot of administration work involved. Welcome packs, settling in procedures, employee data… the checklists can feel endless. HR co-ordinator at Premier Technologies Elvira Janowicz feels that this is one of the key benefits of using Subscribe-HR. “The workflow management system automates the on-boarding process of a new Employee. Then the managers are able to receive on-boarding paper work, without having a third party deliver it.” The right software for your business includes auto contract sign off, auto tax declarations, auto super-choices input, and company on-boarding surveys too. On a successful application, applicant data can be seamlessly transferred into the employee management area; in itself, time saving of many administrative hours. This, alongside the centralized knowledgebase of employee data means that for Premier Technologies, people management becomes effortless and automatic. For a company which relies on finding the right talent quickly based on skills and qualifications and getting the on-boarding process completed as seamlessly as possible, this is essential. If you have a quick turnover of skills and staff, you will also want to focus on software, which can make the off-boarding process just as simple once it’s time for an employee to move on elsewhere. Employee questionnaires, checklists for handing back equipment, tax declarations and more can all be seamlessly managed with the right automation. When the data is centrally stored, it can then help build reports and analytics to get a single view of your staff, both current and past.

Compliance-Based Management

Another area which often requires time investment is background checks. And yet the truth is, this is usually a repetitive process which hardly changes from employee to employee. Automation of background checking can make this whole process hassle-free. Premier Technologies found this to be one of the most impressive changes when they began using Subscribe-HR. ”When we are going through the recruitment process, Subscribe-HR has integrated with VerifyCV, which allows us to do a background check without any manual processing.” Janowicz continues. Alongside Auto-Candidate Profiling, and Auto Interview Management, this made the whole recruitment process head and shoulders above the competition in terms of both value and functionality. Compliance can also be improved through automation. Industry rules can be complicated and change often. The best way to ensure there are no errors, is to remove human interaction as much as possible from this element of the business.

Industry-specific guidelines can be built into your software, and audits and reports can be prepared instantly without any need for lengthy admin hours of preparation and stress. It goes without saying that a streamlined, efficient and centralized knowledgebase is better for the security and safety of your data and your customer and employee information, too.

Talent Management and e-Recruitment

Like Premier Technologies, most businesses feel the competitive nature of the working world. More than a third of workers are looking for a new job in 2017 , and this is true even if they are happy at their current position. Social media is one fantastic way to integrate your HR department with up and coming talent, keeping your finger on the pulse of the applicants to watch out for.  For Premier Technologies, this gives them instant line of sight for the skills and qualifications they are on the look-out for. One example of this might be the most highly skilled  Cloud Software Engineers.

Subscribe-HR_Customer_Case Study_Premier Technologies.png

Seek integration is also key here. Subscribe-HR offer an ‘Apply with Seek’ integration which means that candidates can find jobs through Seek, and then travel in one touch from the number one careers website in Australia to the Premier Technologies careers page. More eyes on your vacancy, and less chance of candidates losing interest before they find the right application page. As every key stroke counts when it comes to visitors making a commitment, this innovation is beneficial to both business and applicants alike. Divyesh Nathoo, HR Consultant at Premier Technologies agrees that the system has had a positive impact on recruitment. “The predominate use of the system is for People Management, however it has also improved Premier Technologies Recruitment processes as well as Onboarding, through its e-Recruitment tool.”

Thinking Strategically

Rather than spending large amounts of time on administration like a lot of business do these days Premier Technologies have now freed up this time, to focus on aligning strategy for the strategic benefit of the company. With the deployment of Subscribe HR, Premier Technologies have streamlined both their on and off boarding processes, reinvigorated talent management efforts, automated compliance, and encouraged collaborative efforts amongst their employees. Integrating processes such as e-recruitment and background checks using VerifyCV is just one example of a task which would previously have taken many hours of admin, and is now automated, improving both efficiency and accuracy. Other integrations include Payroll, Xero, Outlook and many more. The greater the opportunity for integrations, the more data sharing there is between staff and departments, breaking down silos and improving both efficiency and collaboration. Premier Technology has embraced this flexible HR platform as a remarkable way to better manage staff and candidates, hand over repetitive administrative tasks into an automated source and allow their business leaders to focus on the future and strategy of the company. If you’re wading through a sea of papers, struggling with compliance and administration, or unsure how to coax the right talent through your doors, you could benefit from the same immediate and positive change for your own company.

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