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Performance Review Methodology: That's a (w)Rap!

Posted by Mathew French

7 June 2016

Following a decade of research and three years of development, testing and refinement, Subscribe-HR now delivers to you a world first in Performance Management automation and Employee recognition built on a foundation of over 20 years of knowledge and wisdom. For those of you reading this, it might well be easy to dismiss that first sentence as marketing jargon and potentially empty promises. However, Subscribe-HR has delivered other firsts since we started the business: Subscribe-HR was the first software company to create and offer the 'free trial' business model.

So without further ado, here's a little ditty (well actually it's a rap), about the genesis of our Performance Review Methodology.

Performance Review Methodology Rap

Its called the review, your work load increases,
Trying to find a way to progress, all we see is the goal posts move,
No more time for you, strategic focus, diminishes.
Our time to shine is made difficult, we just don’t have the resources to improve.

So much talk about best practice is confusing, just trying to make sense of what we are doing.
Such an important process for our employees’ belonging.
Quarterly, Annually, Bi-Annually, who knows,
Trial and error with no room for testing, we end up where ever the wind blows.

Mission, Culture, Value, Behaviours,
Just throw people on training, surely that will save us.
No strategy, no plan, no time for alignment,
On to the next ‘putting out fires’ based assignment.

So much manual process needs to be undertaken,
Managers and Employees, so much disjointed interpretation.
Favourites misconstrue the fairness,
Who are the flight risks and where is Management’s Awareness?

The grass grows greener through real-time recognition,
Linking this to Values, Skills and Behaviours becomes our mission.
Connecting Humans using Technology,
The review is consistent and horizontal not a monopoly.

Subscribe-HR Human Resource Management Software Pi Performance Management Solution

Information is collaboratively gathered and stored for calculation,
The process is streamlined for real-time visualisation.
Reviews are deployed automatically, scores in motion,
Potential versus Performance with attrition negation.

Remember the time when there was no automation?
Mentors connected to educate using a pencil for summation.
Development plans were identified within the conversation,
Follow-ups remembered and aligned with Skills and Behaviours for Deputisation.

The old and the new streamlined in Subscribe-HR,
Reducing the stress and raising the bar.
Review process automation, optimised employee engagement,
We’re bringing HR to the table and out of the basement.

Agility, Strategy and Communication, the new HR CV,
And business leadership now speaks about HR with glee.
With 20 years of knowledge invested in Subscribe-HR IP,
HR is back to doing what they love doing: using People Loving Technology.

Want to learn more (or better yet, want to hear Mat - one of the creators of Subscribe-HR rap this to you personally), request a Demo (and a rap) below!

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