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Everything You Need To Know About Start-Up Culture

Posted by Dr. Zivit Inbar on 4 October 2016

This week’s guest post is the first in Dr Zivit Inbar’s series about culture, recruitment and ethics for start-ups and SMEs. This post focuses on the often overlooked but crucially important topic of culture in start-ups. Of course, everything that applies to building great culture in start-ups also applies across the board in all organisations, so what follows is relevant to all readers.  This post outlines 5 ‘types’ of culture that can materialise (either by choice or by circumstance) in a start-up, as well as the pitfalls related to each of them. Also included is a free White Paper that outlines 6 steps to building a great culture in a start-up (and ultimately in any business).

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Topics: culture, Start-Up Culture, Cultural complexity

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