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Culture First, Skills Second: Recruitment For Long-Term Success

Posted by Dr. Zivit Inbar on 1 November 2016

When I meet with fast growing start-ups, they often say: 'we need help in writing position descriptions, working with recruiters, sorting resumes.' This is exactly why recruitment fails. With this approach, it is most likely that these start-ups will end up recruiting the wrong people. They may get the headcount number right, but consequences for the culture and teamwork will eventually impact company performance.

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Topics: Skills, HR Values, Recruitment, culture, Workforce planning, Start-Up Culture, People Management, headcount, Talent Retention, Recruitment plan

Everything You Need To Know About Start-Up Culture

Posted by Dr. Zivit Inbar on 4 October 2016

This week’s guest post is the first in Dr Zivit Inbar’s series about culture, recruitment and ethics for start-ups and SMEs. This post focuses on the often overlooked but crucially important topic of culture in start-ups. Of course, everything that applies to building great culture in start-ups also applies across the board in all organisations, so what follows is relevant to all readers.  This post outlines 5 ‘types’ of culture that can materialise (either by choice or by circumstance) in a start-up, as well as the pitfalls related to each of them. Also included is a free White Paper that outlines 6 steps to building a great culture in a start-up (and ultimately in any business).

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Topics: culture, Start-Up Culture, Cultural complexity

Leading HR Expertise: Culture, Recruitment and Ethics Blog Series For Start-Ups and SMEs

Posted by Dr. Zivit Inbar on 1 September 2016

We are excited to announce an upcoming series of guest posts by one of our first ever Subscribe-HR customers! Over the next few months Dr. Zivit Inbarpeople and performance expert in the field of technology VC’s and start-ups, will be sharing her expertise with us in a series of 3 guest posts about culture, recruitment and corporate ethics.

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Topics: Recruitment, culture, Ethics

Refocus: From Engagement To Culture Management

Posted by Mathew French on 28 April 2016

Word on the street is that HR needs to adjust its focus from engagement to the more appropriate 'culture management' if business wants to really create workplaces that employees want to be a part of, and will be willing to make a long term commitment to. A recent article on HR Daily indicates that this shift will require HR to focus on 'Employees' relationships and emotions, their sense of meaning and purpose, Leadership capabilities and behaviours, and how these factors align with organisational goals.' The time has also come for organisations to pair this culture management focus with filling the gaps in organisational culture and for the purpose of creating more well rounded, human workplaces.

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Topics: The Human Era, Employee Engagement, culture, Engagement

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