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Culture First, Skills Second: Recruitment For Long-Term Success

Posted by Dr. Zivit Inbar on 1 November 2016

When I meet with fast growing start-ups, they often say: 'we need help in writing position descriptions, working with recruiters, sorting resumes.' This is exactly why recruitment fails. With this approach, it is most likely that these start-ups will end up recruiting the wrong people. They may get the headcount number right, but consequences for the culture and teamwork will eventually impact company performance.

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Topics: Skills, HR Values, Recruitment, culture, Workforce planning, Start-Up Culture, People Management, headcount, Talent Retention, Recruitment plan

From Talent Management to People Management

Posted by Mathew French on 27 October 2016

The world of managing people is a movable feast of transformation. For today's organisations, the focus has shifted from automating and integrating your talent practices, to providing holistic product ecosystems that act as enablers for the provision of stellar people management. The key concern for today's HR professionals and business leaders can be summarised as: employee engagement, teamwork, innovation, collaboration and empowerment. Leaders and managers need HR technology solutions that provide more than just the automation of processes and tasks. The systems of the future need to offer functionality that can increase engagement, enhance efficiencies and improve productivity so as to provide your business with better operational performance, increased value, strategic oversight and the capacity to pivot on a dime when the need arises in any of these contexts. As the HR technology market continues to evolve, disrupt and be disrupted, what will this mean for the future of HR and the future of work?

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Topics: Talent Management, People Management, From Talent Management to People Management, Nine trends reinventing the HR software market

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