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Download Paper: Controlling HR Automation with Avril Henry

Posted by Mathew French

26 February 2015

Here at Subscribe-HR we're committed to providing more than just great Human Resource Management Software! That's why we've created an alliance partnership with Avril Henry & Associates to bring you a monthly 'Thought Leadership White Paper' on the hottest HR topics in town. Avril Henry is a leading HR author with over 20 years HR experience in both private enterprise and government, including callaboration with the Minister of Defence. We are very happy to be able to provide our community with access to the kind of deep understanding and HR experience that someone like Avril Henry can provide. Now, more than ever, you will be able to have your finger on the pulse of crucial insight that will give HR Professionals more essentials for their HR toolkit.

We hope that this first paper in the series 'Inspiring Transformational Leadership,' will reflect some of the processes from which you and your organisation can derive benefit. Below are some highlights from the White Paper, as well as a run down of the topics Avril will cover in the months to come.

Subscribe-HR Controlling HR Automation with Avril Henry

Inspiring Transformational Leadership

Avril Henry conducted in depth research into the strategies and behaviours adopted by Australia’s finest leaders before and after the economic crisis of 2008. Findings indicate that transformational leaders have an excellent handle on the fundamentals of the leadership skill suite (such as leading by example and setting clear goals).

However, such leaders also go beyond these fundamentals in several ways:

  • Transformational leaders exhibit Human Era traits that inspire and engage their colleagues.

  • Such leaders also understand the importance of having the right resources, systems and processes in place.

  • Transformational leaders understand the necessity of investing in building employee capabilities in the 'soft skills' of management and leadership, as well as technical skills and work experience as an absolute necessity.

  • Such leaders understand the generational differences in what employees look for and want from a leader (for example Gen X and Gen Y have very different expectations to the Veterans and Baby Boomers).

  • Transformational leaders embrace engagement, take responsibility for their actions, and don't defer decision making.

  • Such leaders are collaborative and inclusive.

  • Transformational leaders are committed to leading by example.

Each month, Avril Henry will provide a paper that elaborates on the essential ingredients for success in a different aspect of HR related competencies. Based on her research and experience of pre and post financial crisis behaviours, Avril will share the key differentiators between those organisations and individuals which thrived, and those which struggled post crisis.

Future topics in the Thought Leadership Series with Avril Henry

Over the next 6 months, Avril Henry will cover the following topics and provide you with a unique insight into the critical issues for HR success in the current and future marketplace. Each White Paper is aimed at helping HR Professionals understand the issues in the current Australian market, as well as how to control the complicated HR processes in Australia with automation.

  • Recruitment, branding and culture - how to attract and retain top talent in the current and future market.

  • Performance Management - the importance of real time feedback.

  • The HR metrics of the future - what are the key areas and metrics to measure.

  • Gender issues - closing the gender gap to create workplaces of equality.

  • Managing change - keys to successful transformation.

  • Driving efficiency through HR automation across the employee lifecycle.

To learn more about 'Inspiring Transformational Leadership' you can download the free White Paper by clicking below. To ensure that you receive notifications about future White Papers in the 'Thought Leadership Series' with Avril Henry, be sure to subscribe to the Blog.


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