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Next Generation HR and Business Modelling Underpinned by HRIS Software

Posted by Mathew French

20 April 2016

Managing a business is challenging. Cost control, Human Resources, Marketing, Risk Management - there are many balls in the air. With so much focus now on cost management, it’s no wonder that there is so much pressure on justification of spend. Whether it be marketing spend or office leasing, smart business people are all looking at ways to maximise value and return-on-investment. The business model is evolving into one that can harness the power of agile services. Whether this be serviced office space or a freelance / contract workforce, management teams are looking for way to reduce fixed costs and two of the largest areas of fixed costs are wages and office space. Both of which are based on employee numbers.

We have seen this shift in Marketing whereby outbound, expensive, time-consuming marketing programs have been transitioned to in-bound marketing, which leverage the power of virtual communities and attempt to educate rather than interrupt. With this shift has come amazing opportunities to control and analyse marketing spend, meaning that inside sales and sales executives have become the focus of cost justification. Marketing and sales are the first areas to become highlights of how a business can increase productivity and reduce cost, by harnessing the power of automated cloud computing.

For Human Resource Professionals, the challenge is now based on how they can automate as many tasks as possible, so that they can participate in creating a sustainable business model in which business can create meaningful work environments. At Subscribe-HR we call this 'Friction Point Automation,' which involves digitally managing workflow tasks and processes that would usually be paper-based. HR Professionals that can assist with this right sizing process, are an integral and important part of any management team.

HRIS and e-Recruitment Software are the first business applications that touch an Employee (or even a potential Employee), from the time a person applies for a position all the way through to off-boarding. At the very first touch-point, your organisation has a wonderful opportunity to create a positive experience and leave the individual with a good feeling. Allowing the person to remember your brand in a good way, which is an increasingly important point of differentiation. Once the applicant has interacted with your organisation's e-Recruitment Software system, they are, from that point forward, both a potential Employee and customer. This point must not be forgotten. Using a holistic business model, being conscious that from the time someone arrives on the your website, there is an opportunity to maximise every dollar that is spent by the business on sales, marketing, employee engagement etc. Gone are the days where visitors to your website are just seen as just a Job Applicant.

Marketing and HR have a responsibility to the business to work closely together to leverage the potential of web visitors. Marketing Cloud Computing Software and HR Cloud Computing Software systems are some of the most advanced available in terms of API communication and therefore, there are many potential synergies between marketing engagement and employee engagement. An Employee, and the employee’ s friends and family, are potential customers as well as Employees (extended family). This can be seen with the next generation of HR Apps that can be built and inserted into a live eco-system, engaging people in a community oriented model, which is an essential part of cultivating wellbeing.

The Subscribe-HR bricks and mortar planning encompasses a wellbeing model that includes not only the virtual aspect of workforce wellness, but also the bricks and mortar infrastructure that can house the model. Stay tuned to learn more about the next generation of the Employee Engagement Business Model.

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