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InfoGraphic: Key Employment Motivators By Generation

Posted by Mathew French on 31 March 2015

The two recent 'Thought Leadership Papers' by Avril Henry have highlighted the key intergenerational factors in attracting and retaining employees. It's clear that Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y all value different things, and as the mix of generations in the workforce shifts, it's important for HR Professionals to have intimate knowledge of what makes each generation tick. We've put the essentials into an InfoGraphic to make it easy for you keep track of what matters most.

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Topics: Intergenerational HR trends, Baby Boomers, Gen Y, Employment Motivators, Gen X

Current HR Trends for Small & Medium Sized Businesses

Posted by Mathew French on 19 March 2015

Ahead of next week's second paper from Avril Henry, we continue our deep dive into the current Human Resource, HRIS and HR Software trends. This Blog looks at the predominant HR trends in small and medium sized businesses. Because the industry is constantly evolving, with regulations regularly adapting to market forces, and employee desires and values changing as well, small and medium sized businesses have to be flexible enough to keep up with them.

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Topics: HR trends, Intergenerational HR trends, HR trends for small & medium sized businesses, SMEs

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