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HRIS. What does it mean? Why so Many Terms?

Posted by Mathew French

4 March 2011

There are many terms that we use to describe HR Systems: HRIS, HR Software, HR Systems, HRMS, HR SaaS, HR Software as a Service and many more. When people use these terms, do they also mean payroll. Clearly, Payroll is not really a HR Function… It reports into finance.

HR Should report directly into the CEO. Therefore, any key word that refers to HR, really refers to People Management… Systems that manage employee information and allow businesses to get more out of this information, save time, money and increase productivity. Now, we have that sorted, what about Recruitment System, ATS, e-Recruitment Recruitment Software.

Should they also be classified under HR Systems etc. We really prefer to make the clear distinction between both. Recruitment is like a funnel. Get the best in, analyse, processes and hire. The data is no where near as dynamic as HR. The process is divided into a few different streams. Application, Processing -Analysis, Hire, On-Board.

Where as in HR there are so many different processes it makes your head spin… And many HR Managers heads must be really turning at a rapid rate. Then there is the term Workforce Management, relating to Workforce Management Software. This usually refers to T&A, Awards, Rosters etc, Skills, Projects etc. Do some recearch based on some of these key words and see what you can come up with. We would love to hear about what you find.

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