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Payroll Software Add-on, Now the Key to the Puzzle, solved by Subscribe-HR, HR Software

Posted by Mathew French

24 August 2011

With the economy looking like it will face some challenges over the next 12 months, business leaders and HR Professionals will once again, need to find ways to become more competitive, whilst reducing spend. Subscribe-HR, specialises in Recruitment Software and HR Software that Automates Recruitment and HR Processes, so we are well placed to provide expert opinion on this for Australian HR Professionals.

Most Medium Sized Businesses have payroll solutions, whether it be an in-house solution or bureau service. These systems really specialise in the area of Paying people, Working out Taxable income, Superannuation deductions etc. Payroll Systems are a fundamental parts of the make-up and any businesses software landscape.

Business has changed a lot over the past 5 years, and this change has seen HR going from reporting to Finance, to HR Reporting Directly to the CEO, which makes absolute sense. HR Professionals have always deserved a seat at the board room table. Now the challenge for Payroll providers and businesses alike is to align systems to this change and make it easier for the market to take the best payroll product and the best e-Recruitment, HR Software Product, link them together and deliver a first class HR Solution.

With the increased popularity of On-Demand Software, also know as Software-as-a-Service, the ability to deliver these solutions has become achievable. Using Web Services and XML, data can be pass in a totally seamless and automated manner. Web Services are a standard offerings from all providers of the latest in Software or Web Based Products. XML is native to these products. If you look at Linkedin, Facebook, Salesforce, MSN, Google, YouTube… all the most well know, most usable system on the internet, they all use integration to deliver a service to us. These integrations are complex, and sophisticated, they are also simple and straight forward. They key message that can be taken from both ends of the spectrum is that integrtaion is easy, standard, fluid and secure.

If we take this model and over lay it on HR Software and Payroll Software, there are tremendous efficiencies that SaaS can offer businesses. Particularly with the economy like it is. Business and HR Professionals need, simpler, cost effective, efficient ways to bring productivity gains and competitive advantage without adding complexity and burden, in testing times. So therefore, it makes sense, that if you need a best of breed system to manage your people, there should not be a compulsion to purchase their HR add-on to their payroll software, just because of the inability of the payroll system to communicate with other, better, best fit systems. This is limiting and does not make sense in terms of future proof and success. Gone are the messages about complexity and risk of passing data that one used to hear. There is no complexity for Google Software Engineers that provide realtime searching on billions of lines of code. There is no complexity for Salesforce Software Engineers who manage over 80,000 SaaS Customers who utilise millions of web service calls each day. Complex Calls: Payment Calls, Transition Calls etc. All On-Demand.

Payroll Integration is really straight forward. It involves, New Employee Information, Salary Change Information, Absence Details Transfer, Accrual Details Transfer, Job Details and Payslip Transfer. All driven by Triggers and Payroll Processing. If you compare this scope and over lay it on what is happening on the internet at the moment, it is straight forward.

It makes sense to be able to utilise the best system, that meets your needs, and not be hindered by out dated ideas and philosophies.

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