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The Future Of Performance Management: Tradition + Crowdsourcing + Tech

Posted by Mathew French on 19 May 2015

Let's talk Performance Management. Agile Performance Management that is. As technology enables the transformation of business, Performance Management is an aspect of HR and company process that needs to undergo a significant evolution. In the context of Performance Management, combining the best elements of the traditional approach with newer methods like crowdsourcing and social feedback create a much more agile and fully rounded process, enabling better results and higher levels of productivity. In the Agile context, the two most important features are a development focus and regular check-ins. It’s critical to realise that these two important features are part of a wider group of improvements in the area of Performance Management. This shift from the older, more traditional style of Performance Management recognises that:

  1. A more skilled and capable workforce can perform at a higher level.
  2. Just like on an elite sporting team, regular feedback, communication and coaching is needed to create high levels of performance.
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Topics: performance management, Crowdsourcing, Agile Performance Management

Infographic: Performance Management Crowdsourcing & Employee Retention

Posted by Mathew French on 7 May 2015

One of the most challenging areas for HR is Performance Management. It is perhaps, one of the least progressive areas in HR because it is one of the most challening to deploy and measure. Measuring performance against brand, culture and values through a social, democratic and horizontal system is where Subscribe-HR sees Performance Management heading in the future. The importance of getting this aspect of the HR scorecard right can been seen when calculating turnover costs.

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Topics: performance management, Crowdsourcing, Turnover Costs, Employee Retention

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