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Understand The Employee Journey in Your Business

Posted by Mathew French

10 February 2022

As an HR Manager it is important to be able to see the pathway that an Applicant or Employee has taken with your organisation throughout the Employee Lifecycle. From their first touch-point as an Applicant through to their most recent performance related engagement, now it is easier than ever for People & Culture Managers to view and understand each Employee's journey - both at a glance, and in detail. If you need a solution to help you understand the journey your Employees take during their time with your organisation, then read this week's HR Blog to find out more.

Understanding and Automating Employee Lifecycle Management

Each Employee journey with your organisation is unique, but there are also common themes that unite the people who work with you. We've shared several blogs about the employee lifecycle over the last few of years and they are some of our most frequently viewed posts. A great way to hit reset at the start of each new year is to circle back to the Employee lifecycle and check in to make sure that your organisation don't have any gaps. As we look forward to 2022 and beyond, let's quickly revisit these essential stages of Employee engagement.

A more detailed version of the Employee Lifecycle that has emerged since these two posts were published includes 11 stages:

  1. Attraction.

  2. Recruiting.

  3. Interviewing.

  4. Onboarding.

  5. Engagement.

  6. Development.

  7. Retention.

  8. Recognition.

  9. Offboarding.

  10. Separation.

  11. Alumni.

No matter how many steps you include, understanding and automating the management of as much of the Employee Lifecycle as possible creates efficiencies and removes friction - making the experience more enjoyable for all parties. That's why we've created a new look for Applicant and Employee performance paths in Subscribe-HR - to make it easier than ever to view each Employee's journey at a glance, and in detail.


Want to find out more? Watch the video below to discover just how quick and easy it can be to visualise and understand the journey your Employees take with your organisation, it could transform the way you work!


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