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Technology and Trust: Why Your Values Matter More Than Ever

Posted by Mathew French on 2 July 2020

Deloitte recently published a fantastic article about the increasing importance of applying your company’s values in relation to people, processes and technology. The take-away: "In a time of perpetual technological disruption, earning (and keeping) the trust of all your stakeholders is a 360 degree challenge as well as being a massive opportunity." Ensuring that you apply and use technology in an ethical manner, especially if you're an NFP, NGO or charity, is a trend that is predicted to increase in relevance (and necessity). As we discussed in our last Blog about Edelman's 2020 Trust Barometer report, trust is hard to gain and easy to lose, so let's take a look at what this evolving trend around technology means for HR best practice in your business.

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Let's Talk About Trust and Transparency

Posted by Mathew French on 23 June 2020

Edelman has been publishing their annual Trust Barometer Report for 20 years now, and the 2020 report illustrates what you might call an 'epic fail' in trust across the board. No institutions are seen as being both competent AND ethical. Only business is seen as being competent and only NGOs are seen as ethical. Add to that the fact that 56% percent of respondents believe that capitalism as it currently operates today is doing more harm than good and you can see that there is both a significant need for change as well as a tremendous opportunity for transformation. It shouldn't surprise anyone to hear that trust and transparency are more critical to success than ever, especially given current circumstances. So let's take a look at the highlights from the 2020 Trust Barometer Report and how they matter to you.

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How Can Your Business Become A 'Great Place To Work'

Posted by Mathew French on 24 October 2017

Great Place to Work’s annual research about the best organisation's to work for, both in Australia and overseas, is based on data from more than 10 million employees in 50 countries representing about 6,000 organisations of varying sizes, industries, maturity and structures. Their 2017 '50 Best Places To Work' report about Australian businesses illustrates that 'being a great workplace is no longer seen as ‘nice to have’; today it is imperative to business vitality and success.' What their research proves, is that your business can be a great workplace, one that your employess love coming to and participating in — and become more successful as a result. Here we look at Great Place to Work's metrics to understand the standard that defines a great workplace.

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Data Doesn't Lie: Who Needs to Rebuild Trust in The Human Era Part 2

Posted by Mathew French on 10 July 2014

We all trust ‘big data' these days, correct? Let’s have a look at some of the data from Edelman’s 2014 Trust Barometer Survey. Examination of reliable big data (and Edelman’s data set is both broad and deep, rigorously researched and meticulously reported), is the best way to ascertain trends and take the pulse of the current environment. In this case, the data communicates how much the public, or general populace trust the institutions they deal and do business with on a day to day basis in life. The data driven headlines from Edelman’s report are set out below.

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The Best Ways to Build Trust in The Human Era Part 1

Posted by Mathew French on 8 July 2014

Times they are a changing! In fact, the only thing you can really be sure of, is change itself. If doing business, and doing it well in the Human Era is predicated on building trust and trusted connections, how do we go about doing exactly that in a ‘Human Era’ context?

The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines ‘Trust’ in the following way: ‘A belief that someone or something is reliable, good, honest, effective, etc.’

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