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Machine Learning and Algorithms in HR Software and e-Recruitment Software

Posted by Mathew French on 20 April 2016

The next wave of HR Software innovation has arrived. Without rushing too far ahead, here is a recap of the amazing disruption that has occurred in the HR Software Market over the past 5 years.

There has been a dramatic shift in the pricing model of HR Cloud SaaS. There is a huge shift from on premise licencing to Annualised. Oracle has made this shift and is now one of the biggest generators of revenue in the Cloud Software space.

Public price. No longer can software companies hide behind complexity. Consumers want to know how much they are going to have to spend before they look at a product. They want to be able to try before they buy. This is now a mandatory requirement.

Configuration. Gone are the days of software companies clawing customisation $ away from customers. Historically, businesses have been at the mercy of Software vendors. Even simple changes had been expensive and complex to perform. With pure-play HR Software systems, end-user configuration is straight forward. Customers can save tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the product.

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The Algorithms Transforming HR Software

Posted by Mathew French on 8 October 2015

Gone are the days when e-Recruitment and Core-HR Software systems were just clumps of code that only store static data. Over the past 8 years, Human Resources systems have undergone a significant evolution - with the architecture of many of today's solutions virtually unrecognisable in comparison to their early noughties counterparts. Even the Payroll space has been radically transformed, despite the fact that many people thought it would take a lot longer for Payroll and Finance to go on-line and be cloud based in a mainstream manner. At the foundation of all these changes is the purpose of connecting both people and different systems together to create increased efficiencies and greater degrees of freedom. This level of innovation and automation has created inspiring levels of progress and change for many businesses, but what is in store during the next 5 to 10 years?

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HR in The Human Era Survey Results

Posted by Mathew French on 11 September 2014

At the end of the last financial year we conducted a survey to take the pulse of HR in the Human Era. As a software provider, it's important to us to understand the needs of the HR Professionals we serve, as well as knowing where the gaps are so that we can continue to innovate and tailor our solutions to fill those gaps. Given that this was the first time we conducted such a survey, the number of respondents was admittedly not as large as we would have hoped. However that doesn't mean that the insight and feedback we received wasn't interesting and valuable. Just as Navigo's research highlighted some very interesting and surprising results, so too did our HR in The Human Era Survey.

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HR Data Analytics: Strategies and Solutions For Success

Posted by Mathew French on 21 August 2014

In the last couple of weeks we’ve looked at the big picture of big data analytics, HR and talent management, as well as the barriers to success in the big data landscape. Now that we're clear on the background and the potential issues, let’s move on to some best practice strategies and solutions that will ensure you are on the pathway to success in this increasingly important and inherently valuable discipline.


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Barriers to HR Data Analytics Success Part 2

Posted by Mathew French on 14 August 2014

Last week's blog looked at the big picture for big data analytics, HR and talent managementBefore we embark on an assessment of the strategies and solutions for managing talent through the use of big data analytics in HR, let's look at the final barriers that CIPD's report identified as having the potential to block the pathway to success. Part 1 outlined structural and systems silos, as well as skills capacity issues that could negatively impact HR analytics capabilities. Now let's look at the other two barriers that might get in the way.

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Barriers to HR Data Analytics Success Part 1

Posted by Mathew French on 12 August 2014

Last week's blog looked at the big picture for big data analytics, HR and talent management. This week's two part blog will dive more deeply into the big data analytics landscape. The life-cycle of developing the necessary data analytics capability in any organisation, first requires a thorough understanding of the current status quo. Any roadmap for implementing organisational change, requires some deep contemplation of current capabilities and all the things that might stand in the way of future success. This blog will outline the potential barriers that stand in the way of a fully integrated HR function that harnesses integrated data and analytics potential to create future business excellence.


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Subscribe-HR, Experts at Managing and Automating Employee Life-Cycle

Posted by Mathew French on 6 September 2013

Over the past 12 years I have done over 600 software presentations to HR professionals in my roles of Sales Director and Founder. That’s over 600 hours of meetings. During this time it became very clear to me that there were some fundamental issues causing frustration and disillusionment for many HR professionals. Employee Life-Cycle management was a major headache.

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Facebook Analysis for HR. Get in the Know. Subscribe-HR. HR Software and Recruitment Software.

Posted by Mathew French on 3 March 2011 – Search Google Insights and also Google Ad Planner. Australia Only.
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