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The New Role of the HR Department: The Revenue Enhancer

Posted by Mathew French on 27 February 2014

Does HR contribute to revenue to your business? Does HR contribute to profit? When you ask C-level executives these questions, you might get a few answering ‘yes’, most answering ‘maybe’, and some answering with a straightforward ‘no’.

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5 Risk Areas for HR Managers and How To Mitigate Them

Posted by Mathew French on 18 November 2013

Time and time again we hear the saying “people are your greatest asset”. It may be overused, but the statement remains true. An organisation’s success is largely dependent on the quality and performance of its people, making HR a risk-prone function in any organisation.The post explores an HR best practice approach for HR Managers to manage risk.

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Subscribe-HR, Experts at Managing and Automating Employee Life-Cycle

Posted by Mathew French on 6 September 2013

Over the past 12 years I have done over 600 software presentations to HR professionals in my roles of Sales Director and Founder. That’s over 600 hours of meetings. During this time it became very clear to me that there were some fundamental issues causing frustration and disillusionment for many HR professionals. Employee Life-Cycle management was a major headache.

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Subscribe-HR Continues Growth providing HRIS Software

Posted by Mathew French on 9 January 2013

Subscribe-HR continues to provide quality HRIS Software to Australian Medium Sized Businesses. The Subscribe-HR Human Capital Cloud solution, enables HR Managers and Directors, to harness the power of their people. The Subscribe-HR people loving system, delivers e-Recruitment Software and HRIS Software capabilities using the latest is SaaS technology.

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Share the love with your Employees, Peers and Colleagues. HR Manager Challenge!!

Posted by Mathew French on 24 August 2011

Terri Cole is Amazing. What better place to start to share the love, than with your employees. HR Managers who can build programs with this type of content woven into it should be lauded. Let’s give it a go. Can you share the love with your Employees, with your peers and colleagues???

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Corporate Leadership Strategy. Freedom to Employees and Managers.

Posted by Mathew French on 12 May 2011

Listened to a really interesting radio program this morning which was about Corporate Leadership. The core topic of conversation was around whether some employees are more likely to be leaders than others. It appears that with proper training most employees can become leaders. Based on desire, opportunity and Business focus on value of people.

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Facebook Analysis for HR. Get in the Know. Subscribe-HR. HR Software and Recruitment Software.

Posted by Mathew French on 3 March 2011 – Search Google Insights and also Google Ad Planner. Australia Only.
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