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Driving Organisational Culture Change

Posted by Mathew French on 26 March 2019

Management Guru Peter Drucker famously stated that culture eats strategy for breakfast. In a business environment where culture is more important than ever, developing your organisational culture is more than just having a set of values and a vision. Everyone in the business needs to live and breathe your culture and set the example. It needs to be part of everything you do, and it should act as a set of rules to help guide and empower your people with decision making. It is only when values are taken off the wall lived by all employees in word and action that you can say your organisation has a strong corporate culture. Reduced to its essence, culture = values x behaviour. In this week's HR Blog, we look at why it is important to ensure values and behaviours align, and culture is a lived experience not just a slogan.

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A Good Business Is Built On A 'Human Workplace Culture'

Posted by Mathew French on 14 April 2016

Here at Subscribe-HR, we have long been advocates for building more human workplaces. Our focus is on building software that at its foundation enables and facilitates the end-goal of making such workplace environments possible. Ultimately, building a human workplace culture, and making work more 'human' is the best way to create more engaged, productive, and ultimately more happy employees. Right about now though, you might be wondering exactly what it means to make work 'more human.' Just as 'The Human Era' heralded the decline of the Institutional era and ushered in a search for trust; trustworthiness in others, in businesses and in brands, building a human workplace culture is shaping up to be an essential ingredient in positively impacting the employee experience, culture management, and leadership. At its core, it is about creating workplace environments where people can show up at work and be fully themselves, that is; be whole and imperfect, be real, and be accepted.

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HR and Tech in 2016: 10 Disruptions On The Horizon

Posted by Mathew French on 19 January 2016

It's that time of year, when we peer into the crystal ball of the future of work, and assess what the experts believe will be the key HR trends and disruptions in the coming year. As technology continues to transform the way we do business at warp speed, HR Professionals are being called upon to keep up with an increasingly challenging rate of change. The saving grace of this seemingly exponential rate of change is that HR software providers are becoming more adept at creating intuitive, easy to implement solutions and upgrades, that make it simpler than ever for end users to reap the rewards.

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Topics: HR Culture and Values, performance management, HR Culture, HR trends, Big Data Analytics

How to be an HR Superstar: Values Based Recruitment Part 2

Posted by Mathew French on 17 June 2014

Part 1 of this Blog introduced a concept that is not especially new in HR circles, however, the uptake of aligning personal and organisational values, as a benchmark process in recruitment strategies, has not yet reached a critical mass.

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Topics: Staff Retention, Culture and Values, HR Culture and Values, HR Values, Recruitment, HR Culture

Want to be an HR Superstar? Rethink the Value and Importance of Values Part 1

Posted by Mathew French on 12 June 2014

Want to know how to work smarter, not harder and transform yourself into an HR Superstar? This Blog explores the simple, yet extraordinarily effective way to get straight 'A's in the following key areas:

  • Hire the right person for the right job every time

  • Guarantee employee satisfaction.

  • Increase productivity.

  • Improve employee retention.

  • Create a workforce that loves coming to work.

  • Get recognised for adding value.

  • Contribute to the bottom line.

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Topics: Staff Retention, Culture and Values, HR employee retention, HR Values, HR Culture, productivity

5 Risk Areas for HR Managers and How To Mitigate Them

Posted by Mathew French on 18 November 2013

Time and time again we hear the saying “people are your greatest asset”. It may be overused, but the statement remains true. An organisation’s success is largely dependent on the quality and performance of its people, making HR a risk-prone function in any organisation.The post explores an HR best practice approach for HR Managers to manage risk.

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Topics: Talent Management, HR Manager, Training Management, HR Leadership, Recruitment, HR Culture, HR best practice

Corporate Leadership Strategy. Freedom to Employees and Managers.

Posted by Mathew French on 12 May 2011

Listened to a really interesting radio program this morning which was about Corporate Leadership. The core topic of conversation was around whether some employees are more likely to be leaders than others. It appears that with proper training most employees can become leaders. Based on desire, opportunity and Business focus on value of people.

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Why Work? Where we work? Happy at Work and Home!!!

Posted by Mathew French on 25 March 2011

This is a topic that is very dear to our hearts. It really underpins why Subscribe-HR was founded. The truth is, it was founded for many, many reasons. Some very personal. Other reasons driven by our values as Humans and our desire to be positive, productive role models in society. I know this sound quite deep, though it is quite simple at its core. Be true to yourself, be creative, help people, make a difference, try and keep it simple.

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Topics: HR Values, Well Being, Work Life Balance, HR Culture

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