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The HR Spine: Flexibility & Efficiency Managing Employee Information

Posted by Mathew French on 24 November 2020

A healthy spine is flexible, keeps the body in alignment and transmits messages accurately and efficiently from the brain to the rest of the body. In the same manner, the key to flexibility, efficiency and effective management of employee information in HR, is to allow for a smooth flow of data between all the convergent data points that HR management generates. Given the amount of disruption to the way we work in 2020 - what are the convergent data points that HR needs to optimise to ensure that there are no bottlenecks in the employee lifecycle going forward? Let's take a look.

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Use Cloud e-Learning To Build A Self-Developing Organisation

Posted by Mathew French on 23 February 2017

The HR Professionals of today are struggling to build a culture of coaching, feedback, development, and mentorship for their Employees. Given the fact that more than half the workforce is now made up of Millennials, it is essential that your organisation provides them with the thing that they ask for most, which is, someone to learn from. This approach has been described as the 'Self Developing Organisation.' That is, an organisation that has the capacity, the technology and the operational agility to develop, train and empower on the fly. With the rise of the need for real-time learning and empowerment on the rise, rather than think about your learning and HR strategy as one of 'delivering training,' think about it as 'building a self-developing organisation.'

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The Learning Curve Is The Earning Curve

Posted by Mathew French on 7 February 2017

According to Bersin, providing Employees the opportunity for learning and development in the workplace has become a paramount attractor in the job market, particularly given the number of Millennials in the workforce and their focus on just that. It has been posited that today's youth will potentially have 70+ year careers, and they understand that their ability to grow, learn and progress is perhaps the most important driver of their future earnings potential and job satisfaction. Companies that focus their culture on career growth and learning, outperform their peers in innovation, long term growth, and employee retention.

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